Giuseppe Finizias popular 3D printed PCB workstation gets crane arms update

Giuseppe Finizia, creator of a popular 3D printed PCB workstation released in 2015, has published an updated version of his project, complete with crane arms. The 3D printed workstation can be downloaded for free. When Italian engineer and electronic forensics expert Giuseppe Finizia released his first 3D printed PCB Workstation back in 2015, the Thingiverse community responded with overwhelming praise and gratitude. The workstation, which gives circuit board tinkerers “extra hands” in the form of small articulated arms, has since been “Liked” over six thousand times, presumably assisting thousands of projects where precise and stable connections needed to be made on a printed circuit board.

New video shows ONO smartphone 3D printer in action

At 3Ders, we’ve been eagerly awaiting news about the ONO smartphone 3D printer, which was first launched through a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016. At the time, the smartphone 3D printer had no problem raising over $2 million from backers, as the whole maker community was excited about the new, compact, smartphone-based 3D printing technology. Now, nearly a year later, the ONO’s developers have given their backers a long-awaited update: a video of the smartphone 3D printer in action, and a fast-approaching ship date.

Apple reportedly acquires Israeli facial 3D scanning software company RealFace

American tech giant Apple has reportedly bought Israeli company RealFace for around two million dollars. Founded in 2014, Tel Aviv-based RealFace is known for developing facial recognition technology, including its Pickeez app that can select the user’s best photos using mathematics and RealFace’s facial recognition software. The acquisition has triggered more rumors that Apple will be integrating facial recognition features into upcoming iPhone models.