3D printed pinhole projector shields bright eyes during total eclipse of the sun

Many people across North America will be able to witness a solar eclipse on Monday, and 3D printed pinhole projectors are a cheap, safe way to view the phenomenon without damaging your eyes. On Monday, August 21, the “Great American Total Solar Eclipse” will block out the sun all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, throwing darkness on a stretch of land 70 miles wide.

Chemical giant BASF acquires Innofil3D for its 3D printing strategy

German chemical company BASF New Business (BNB), that announced the forthcoming launch of a dedicated 3D printing company in July this year, has acquired premium filament maker Innofil3D. The Dutch company, which is headquartered in Emmen, has been acquired 100% by BASF and will play a central role in the company’s 3D printer materials production. […]

Marines evaluate mobile Fab Lab to expedite repair and supply

The U.S. Marine Corps is evaluating the utility of an expeditionary fabrication laboratory (X-FAB) for on-demand crisis response. A self-contained fab lab, the 20 x 20 foot unit is stocked with four 3D printers, CAD software and a 3D scanner. It can be deployed with battalion-level Marine maintenance units, servicing support ground equipment including motor […]

3D Printing News Roundup: BigRep, Camber Spine Tech, Osseus, Shapeways, LPW, Sigma Labs

The world of 3D printing technology continues to expand at a remarkable rate, but luckily we’re here to keep you up to date on everything that’s happening. Here’s a round-up of recent events that might have passed you by, including some personnel changes at Shapeways and BigRep America, a 3D printed cervical implant getting FDA clearance, and more besides.