Glaze Prosthetics, superhuman 3D printed prostheses for amputees

Glaze Prosthetics is a Polish startup offering customized 3D printed lightweight prostheses. Consisting of a team with 7 years of experience in producing prostheses, Glaze has now turned to 3D printing a replaceable arm system. Glaze CEO Gregorz Kosch founded the Krakow-based company aiming to “blaze the path of innovative design within the prosthetics industry”. […]

3D Printing for Prototyping and Production Course Details

If you haven’t already signed up for the opportunity to advance your 3D Printing skills this Fall, this is your chance! In this 3-week long workshop, beginning October 31, you’ll be exposed to the…

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A Kosher High with a 3D Printed Medical Marijuana Inhaler

Israeli drug delivery company Syqe Medical has made a 3D printed medical marijuana inhaler. This intersection of all the buzz lacks only in a nanomaterial and big data, or it would be the sole thing…

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We Need To Talk About Fablabs

Fablabs are wonderful things. Places to congregate, learn and experience, they’re a haven for makers. For many, the fablab was the first place where you saw a 3D printer and got the chance to operate…

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