3D Technology Provides Musician with Skywalker Hand

Spoiler alert: Luke Skywalker loses his right hand during a duel with Darth Vader (who is also his father, which, in case you’ve lived under a rock, might also be a spoiler). Skywalker’s…

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WonderCutter uses 40,000 vibrations a second to cut plastic with ease

WonderCutter is a handheld ultrasonic cutter that combines razor blades with a 40-kilohertz ultrasonic vibration to make cutting plastic as easy as cutting cheese. Launched by Korean manufacturer Cutra, the WonderCutter claimed the Gold prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2016. It drew in $50,000 in just five days on its Kickstarter, which is […]

GE teases details of prototype H1 binder jet 3D printer

Metal 3D printing is currently experiencing an influx of binder jetting based processes. Award winning technology from Desktop Metal and the likelihood that HP is developing a similar technology are just two examples of many methods highlighting the potential of metal injection molding (MIM) powder for 3D printing. While technical specifications are sparse, it seems GE […]

TUM cracks construction of free-form 3D printed cement

As projects from the likes of Apis Cor, the IAAC, the U.S. Army and WinSun have proved, 3D printing is ripe for application in construction. In theory, in the future a robotic arm/gantry, water, and clay from the ground will be all the ingredients needed to build a house. Eradicating the high cost of labour […]